DAN REED Sheds Skin — textured spirituality filled with creative imagery

Funk ‘n’ roll hero and musical visionary DAN REED (Dan Reed Network) unswervingly provides an intuitive antidote to the bleakest aspects of modern-day life. He has been bringing his mood-enhancing, far-sighted and transformative music to millions of listeners across the world since the mid 1980s.

Now he prepares to release his fifth solo album, titled Liftoff and due for release on all streaming and download platforms from 4th December, 2020.

This weekend, Dan reveals the third video from the album, this time for the track titled ‘Shed My Skin’ — and we’re pleased to reveal that, yet again, it’s a plush moodrawing of Dan’s characteristic and beguiling artspirit.

Shed My Skin

Reed explains – “The song addresses the idea of how imperative it can be to redefine, reinvent, or adapt oneself to what life throws in our path, or often times the barriers we ourselves put in front of us…”

Shed My Skin” (video shared below) is a brushwork of texture, tonality and spirituality… sinuously unveiled and lullingly drawn. It has exquisitely rendered synths, tender guitars and deliciously vocalized lyrics. It’s the kind of comforting yet interrogative number that you might have found on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis 1974) in both concept and creative imagery — yet it also transcends & illuminates rock, perhaps like Santana’s Caravanserai did, earlier in the 1970’s. 

Although not as experimental as jazz fusion, this sound embodies the same kind of contemplative mood. And while not as powerfully rhythmic as modern R&B & soul, the sounds share the same polished sheen and brooding exuberance. However, it is also symphonically orchestrated and classically inflected, perhaps suggesting a link to world of art-rock. We would call it soulful rock contemplation. But that’s just us!

File alongside: Mid-1990’s Seal

PRE-ORDER LINK – https://danreed.tmstor.es/

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Artwork by Graeme Bell / Cover Photo by Anders Gustafsson
Music by Richard Hilton and Dan Reed. Lyrics by Dan Reed

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