Justin Jesso

JUSTIN JESSO comes to The End of First Love

The Chicago-raised American singer-songwriter JUSTIN JESSO (aka Justin Stein) is  a noted compositeur linked to The Backstreet Boys , Armin van Buuren, Hrvy and Ricky Martin ( He co-wrote the Latin-Grammy nominated “Vente Pa’ Ca” that also featured the Colombian singer Maluma.)

Jesso released his solo E.P. in December 2018 titled “Let It Be Me”.  The lead single “Getting Closer” was written after he toured with Kygo, and was written about the loneliness of life on the road.


He now undrapes a new single, titled ‘The End’  (check-out the fantastic Timon Birkhofer music video below) a number that seems to touch on the mysterious irreducibility of love and the multiplicity of tricky-to-navigate dimensions.

The song is constructed with neatly truncated chips of sound and is perfectly produced. The lemon curd vocal has a smidgen of regret lingering inside the folds, so feels genuine & wistful as it opens-up to the world. But, on the whole, the cheer abides, to bring this delightful song lots of tangy yumminess. Admirable.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

File alongside: Shawn Mendes

Link: https://www.facebook.com/JustinJesso

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