sealand airlines

SEALAND AIRLINES Debut Album evokes the timeless prog of Uriah Heep & Deep Purple

Ukrainian prog-rockers SEALAND AIRLINES, the latest addition to The Sign Records‘ roster, have released their debut self-titled album. 

For lovers of classic prog-rock, nostalgic 70’s guitars and experimental, genre-crossing sounds… this is a joy. 

Sealand Airlines

It’s an experimental album, encompassing various genres, with a wide range of sounds and lyrical influences; from heavy guitars to acoustic melodies and chock-a-block with sci-fi, action, and movie & pop culture allusions.

For example “Garrison” (shared below) has Uriah Heepish organ, a driving Purplish riff and dry vocals. This twists, struts and thrusts like something you’d expect from Grand Prix (band) back in ‘78.

In other words, this is a maudlin, evocative experience and a taste of timeless prog…

File alongside: Lone Star


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