Iconic Eye by Rob Billingham

ICONIC EYE deliver Melodic Rock Back From Behind The Sun

UK melodic rockers ICONIC EYE have released their new EP entitled “Back From Behind The Sun” featuring lead singer Janey Smith’s debut performance.

The album opens with the stadium-ready anthem and title track “Back From Behind The Sun” (already released as a single, see video below) that has an exciting guitar sizzle, compelling vocals and radiant riffs. This is lustrous, powerful, and resplendent — with fiery guitar licks and the kind of oaky ‘n’ velvety vocals that would not have been out of place on Cher’s 1989 “Heart of Stone” album.

Back From Behind the Sun Cover

The perfectly named track “Jane” is like a stream of bright lights emerging from a shadowy space. With a TOTO-ish key set, this turns into a striking superstructure of remarkable proportions and impressive musicality. Janey says: “The band always played this live, so it made sense to record it. We love the energy it brings…” 

“Ghost Town” is a continuum of vibrant keys, gleaming guitars, thunderous bass notes, and hardcore drums. It has a “Queenish” quality reminiscent of their Day at the Races era, though, if you can imagine it, this rendition of Queen’s floridity, virtuosity and lavishness has a lead singer that delivers in the style of Jory Steinberg.

“rock needs more women…”

Janey Smith — Iconic Eye

This dazzling EP concludes with “Femme Fatale” which is an old style hit with driving pulses and ruckus to be found in every fiery corner. The inspiration was an awesome lady…” says Janey “I wanted to sing about a woman, rock needs more women...”

File alongside: Laura Branigan, Pat Benatar, The Breaks

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©
Main image: Rob Billingham

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