ISHANI Brings a Perfect Life

The last time we wrote about the Anglo-Indian trip-hop and soul singer-songwriter ISHANI we said her voice took us into a land of transformative dreams… and her artwork was part-sensual and part-portentous…


She’s been blending a fusion of genres over her last bunch of releases that has seen her gain loads of support across the blogosphere and get some huge radio play on the BBC Asian network.

Ishani fuses alt-pop, trip-hop, electronica and soul… all of which is on proud display on her new 2021 single ‘Perfect Life‘ with that adorable chiffon-cake voice and splendidly produced pickled-relish beats.

It’s a courteously coordinated sway with infinitely squishy vocals, a lolling pace and uncurling quivers of energy. In fact, we’re willing to bet it’s so rock and rye good that you’ll be hitting the repeat button endlessly… 


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