Jessica Lynn by DNA Photography

JESSICA LYNN Escapes in Getaway Car

The divine and much adored New York-born country music singer, songwriter and crossover performer JESSICA LYNN (above image by DNA Photography) with a singing voice we once described as “rosewood and aventurine…” and whose country-inspired, swishing, boogies almost always bring wholehearted resolution… now delivers a new track titled ’Getaway Car’ taken from a forthcoming album ‘Lone Rider’ that’s promised for later this year.

Getaway Car Jessica Lynn

Getaway Car’ is one of my favorite tracks off my upcoming record,” says Jessica.

“It’s a fun, feel-good love song that will definitely uplift your spirits!  Heading in to 2021, I wanted to start the year off right with lots of good vibes and I’m so excited for this release!”

And, yes, it’s a plucky ‘n’ perky, jangly-chorded ditty with an eagerly strumming riff, bubbling baubles of guitar and plenty of pleasing & richly melodious trilling.  Remarkably danceable too!

Main image: DNA Photography

‘Getaway Car’ is now available to download & Stream from all digital platforms.
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