Sari Schorr Turn The Radio On

SARI SCHORR Turns The Radio On

Brooklyn’s shimmery and smoky voiced  blues artist, SARI SCHORR whose album titledNever Say Neverwe described as: “unchained energy” and thought it came filled with “skill, sensuality, and excitement…” has been busily capturing, recording, and editing eloquent and revelatory film-pieces in her home city since the Covid crisis hit.

Sari Schorr

Her latest self-crafted video — ‘Turn the Radio On’ is taken from her “Never Say Never” recording — and it demonstrates how far her creative visual skills have developed in an expressionistic sense, and also what can be accomplished with reliable media tools, a smartphone, laptop and some good editing software.

Turn The Radio On

With time-lapse cinematography of clouds rushing across the skyline, mixed with elegantly beautiful authorship, creative shooting angles, lens flare, and more creative artistry; the images that Sari conjures (see video below) flow across her work like the meandering memories echoing from her piano. 

The song brings relief from anxiety, but is intensely emotional and fearless… with earnest lyrics and a voice of dry, sunbaked cinnamon and molten lemoncake cream butters — it will remind the keen listener of Private Dancer era Tina at her most perceptive.

“It’s hard, maybe impossible, to always keep things in perspective,” Sari says, “I think a lot about the past. Life paves this beautiful road for us to roam, but it’s bumpy and narrow with twists and turns, offering up hit or miss guardrails that stand as our last defence between serenity and regret.”

Regret is an undesirable bedfellow. It visits me on those long sleepless nights. When the Sun finally rises, I’m trapped between the past and present: that is when I begin to write…

— Sari Schorr

The single is now available to download & Stream from  digital platforms

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Check the video below.

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