The Bloody Nerve


THE BLOODY NERVE continue the superannuated release of their ingeniously well-executed concept album: ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ with the second ‘episode’ from their rock-infused phrenomagnetic concepción — this time entitled What’s It Say? (About You)

The rock act brings together the versatile singer/guitarist Stacey Blood with the impressively charismatic vocalist Laurie Ann Layne, who came to work together and play together in Nashville, in 2011.

Episode One from ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ was a withered scream that invaded the soul and was titled: A Million Arms.

Now comes What’s It Say:

What's It Say

We started this idea before the pandemic shit hit the fan in March 2020,” says Laurie Ann

But we had already decided to release the album in episodes.  Like a Netflix series, except one by one so each song gets its due.  Albums have always been ‘binge-listened’, like Netflix shows and box sets are now. Instead, we chose to adopt the classic TV style. Get some mileage out of it.”

Of the new, second single, Stacey says, “’What’s It Say?’ makes me feel like how dysfunctional our whole situation gets when we try and administrate and fix all of the damn things.  There’s a certain type of person who just can’t mind their own business and it ends up Hell for everyone else...”

The song (lyric video is shared below) is a tangle of dirty guitar sounds, tormented bass, and heartbroken rhythms… but there’s also a throaty twang too. So this isn’t standardized grunge, but it’s not a rampant boogie-woogie rockabilly either. It’s something that sits between those two things and gives the middle finger!

And so (the duo may not forgive us for this) the number reminds us of something from Marc Bolan’s (1972) “Slider” era in terms of poetry, breadth of vision, and omnipresent pervasiveness.  The bi-layered voices polymorphize against one another, through caramelized rhythms… but it’s probably the electrotechnical energy of those guitars and the amazing wordplay that will captivate you! 


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