REUBEN HESTER — who previously performed as China Lane — is a Manchester England based electro-pop vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who appeared on the BBC Little Mix “The Search” talent series.

He’s a funky/electronic orientated musician with a genius for developing percussively jiving rhythms and snappy funkadelic hooks. 

Reaching out to his roots, which span far beyond his Reggae upbringing, to encompass orchestral music and all that lies between, Reuben strives to bring new flavors to modern music.

The singer-songwriter who also plays the guitar, piano and cello, releases his debut single “Sold My Soul” on March 19th, 2021

eventually I stopped feeling anything at all…

I wrote this song shortly after my father’s passing. I was struggling with the pain and slowly found myself slipping into a dark place...”  he says.


Most days I felt like I couldn’t write and eventually I stopped feeling anything at all. It was a difficult time. Music brought me back to life. Everything I felt was put into this song. It is the most heartfelt and honest piece I have ever written…”

Words can’t explain the emotions I feel every time I perform this song.

His vocal is as cold as curbstone, weathered as shingle on the beach and crushed as scattered hearthstone. How can a singer this young be so weathered? The song is salty as the brine on Morecambe Bay and as heartfelt as the last kiss on a cold cheek.

The lyrical content, such as the line: “Somedays I don’t feel…” we might all appreciate right now (and we might confess, to as well) but this song isn’t unconditionally pessimistic… actually it’s a song of hope & strength (refracted, of course, and matured) by the despair that departure so often brings us…

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©
‘SOLD MY SOUL’ is available on all streaming and download platforms:

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