VOODOO RAMBLE Midnight Train

VOODOO RAMBLE the stellar Croatian rock/blues band led by vocalist, guitarist and singer-songwriter Boris Zamba (aka Boris Duginovački previously of Smokva’s Bandits/Eldorado) who won first place at the 5th Croatian Blues Challenge — as the Zamba Blues Band — have now recognized their 10th anniversary as a band by signing with global indie label Thoroughbred Music.

And, to celebrate, the Croatian ramblers have released a new album, titled ‘That’s Why’ on 5th February 2021 with a single (out now) titled ‘Midnight Train’.

“a musical vision like a breath of fresh air…”

Pete Feenstra

Midnight Train” is the first creative collaboration between bandleader Zamba and award-winning promoter/songwriter and network radio host Pete Feenstra. When asked about the co-authorship  of the single, Pete offered: “It was a joy working with Boris. He’s a super talented, versatile musician with real flair and a musical vision that is like a breath of fresh air...”

Midnight Train

Midnight Train” is a chomp ‘n’ rumble boogie with oversized riffs and the kind of zinc-hearted beats that drive a bolt through your longings… Yes, this is a song that takes you through the torment of unfulfilled desire and delivers you the other side, feeling offloaded. There are colossal horns, drystone vocals and a full and rewarding chorus. And, of course, the provocative guitar feels like it’s been eaten-up inside by worry and suspicion.

Songs on ‘That’s Why’ were mixed and mastered by Drago Smokrovic Smokva (aka The Fig), who accentuates the cathartic richness of the famous VOODOO RAMBLE live blues sound and harnesses the intrinsic & harmonic effectiveness of this band’s unbridled numbers. Unexcelled!

Grab the new single & album here: http://smarturl.it/VoodooRambleThatsWhy
Link: https://www.facebook.com/voramble/

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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