Jaime Kyle Untangled

JAIME KYLE Untangles

The multiple-award-winning, multi-platinum, country-rock performer JAIME KYLE — the co-writer of Faith Hill’s #1 charting “Wild One” — has shared a beautiful new music video for her allusive, heartfelt single titled ‘Untangled’

‘Untangled’  is a standalone introduction to the Nashville artist’s heartwarming, generous and fearlessly instinctive compositions and is therefore released separately from the versatile and multifaceted album that the singer, songwriter, vocalist and producer is refining & preparing at the moment.

Jaime Kyle portrait

‘Untangled’  (co-written and performed with the legendary Blue Sky Riders songwriter Gary Burr) is a song that exemplifies Jaime’s extraordinary vocal range, fluency & unquestionable aptitude for graceful melodic phrasing; though she will be always known to her fans as the priestess of power rock: in fact, she has been dubbed: “The Goddess of Hard Rock” by European press.

The songwriter’s previous releases have sold 19-million worldwide and her new single is already captivating fans, critics and broadcasters. For example, BBC DJ Keith Greentree says: “Every once in a while, you come across an artist that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Jaime Kyle did that for me with ‘Untangled.’”

“The moment between going and gone…”

Reflecting on the song herself, Jaime says: “’Untangled’ feels like a private conversation with myself that others get to witness: The moment between going and gone.”

“The video is set in a beautiful meditation labyrinth that lies in a secret location in Northern California. This means that I get to invite the listener/viewer into my personal world.”

We think “Untangled” is a clean and honest cradle-sway of kindness and goodwill. It’s a wholesome country-style song that turns into a limitless elevation of ability, propensity, and willingness… with competent orchestration and an eloquent backing chorus, it is healing & reconciling in a time of need.

Check it out below

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jaimekylemusic

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