AOR is Back… And It’s Cool! LEVARA

The stunning Los Angeles trio LEVARA will release their self-titled debut album on May 14 via Mascot Records.

The band features former One Direction live drummer Josh Devine with Trev Lukather (Steve Lukather’s son) on guitar and French singer-songwriter Jules Galli on vocals.

“It’s about the magic in a moment…”

They just released the official video for their brilliant single “Automatic” taken from the album.

Jules says:, “Automatic is about the magic in a moment. The way this song was born in the green room of a Foreigner show we were opening for, to getting a record deal, and finally releasing it to the world as LEVARA

So much has happened since the creation of this anthem. I mean, we were a different band before we wrote it! It’s incredible what a song can do. I hope it means as much to our fans as it does to us…


Before recording their debut, the band toured the United States several times and supported Toto on an arena tour in 2019. While in Europe, they made several headline appearances in Germany and other countries, and were surprised by the response of fans who came out to see them.  

In Early 2020, they began a collaboration with former Avril Lavigne guitarist and now studio producer Ethan Kaufmann of “Elephant In The Room” studios, in East Hollywood. The album he crafted with them unambiguously articulates the reverberating alchemy of their live performances.

Levara cover art

We had a listen:

Heaven Knows” is an electrifying fizz of jangle and chromaticism with a splendid chorus that’s as dazzling and tinselly as a beach fiesta in the Pacific sun. There’s a ripened maturity about the language too, and a relaxed style that gives this the overall sense of premium quality.

Automatic” (video shared below) is emotional & competent with flowing sound lines and gutsy bass-play.  It has the kind of rhythm that would appeal to both R&B enthusiasts and rock fans alike. The songwriting is a bit Go Westy (King of Wishful Thinking) in terms of dance-pop proficiency — but don’t let that put you off — there’s amazing upbeat guitar and plenty of energetic vocals… not to mention a harvest of sweeping beats. So think, maybe, Go West’s Cox & Drummie meets China Crisis at a Steely Dan convention and they all start playing old Jay and the Americans material (but with Mr Big’s expert tech and discreet heaviness.) Yeah, kinda like that!


Ever Enough” has a brilliant cowboy swing and superb booming drums. The voice here is honey ‘n’ cinnamon bark: in other words, sweet and sore. This is an iridescent blue-eyed soul song with unforgettable layers of voice & texture and truly astonishing musicianship . A stand-out track. 

Chameleon” (a song that features Steve Perry on background & group vocals) follows a similar approach with a compelling chorus, feelgood lyrics, killer chord progression, and exceptional harmonies. It’s persuasive, engaging, and most of all, it’s solid in its harmonized inclusivity.

Woohoo, hooray, rejoice… adult-oriented, long-haired rock is back and it’s cool! Ain’t it great to be alive?

For fans of: Steve Lukather, Mr Big, Doobie Brothers

Pre Order here: https://smarturl.it/LEVARA

Link: https://www.facebook.com/levaramusic/

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