J R Harbridge

J.R. HARBIDGE Navigates The Long Black River

UK master musician and multi-instrumentalist J.R. HARBIDGE has released his solo 10-track sophomore album titled ‘Long Black River’: it is a disc that will especially appeal to discerning fans of original country-rock and quality Americana.

Three singles from ‘Long Black River’ have already been unveiled: ‘Break The Spell’ — a number anchored in observations about the media and seductive hoaxes. We describe it as, “gracious with harmonious fingerboard conjuration…

And “Wrong Side Of The Fight”  an immersive and luscious country song  “packed with nostalgia and sentiment…” 

“you’ll find songs steeped in real life…”

And also a lovable ode to a son: ‘Sunshine Not Rain’ which is not only very Lennonesque, honest and straightforward, but comes jam-packed with “handclaps, tinklesome keys, wistful organ notes and chipper vocals…

Long Black River cover

“My new album,” says J.R. “is full of melody and memorable melodies, but beneath all the things that catch your ear you’ll find songs steeped in real life.  The subject matter on this album is perhaps not what you would expect…”

Although J.R. completed most of this magic alone & unaided, several distinguished musical talents contributed parts to the final recording:  Pete Larkin (piano & organ) Mark Bates (drums) Thom Mapes (bass), Paul Scott Connop (Scott Matthews’ guitarist who provides a solo on ‘Long Black River’)  and also Nick Clarke (guitars).

If you like the idea of ​​Eagles-style country-rock (smooth but muscular) with elements of folk and captivating American roots, interpreted with frankness and dazzling virtuous musicality — you will adore JR Harbridge.

Download/Stream now: https://jrharbidge.com/long-black-river

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jrharbidge

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