Rainbreakers Photo Credit Rob Blackham

RAINBREAKERS Offer Snarl of Reconnect

The soulful rock four-piece from Shrewsbury UK — RAINBREAKERS  — have released their new single ‘Light Me Up’ today, 28th May 2021.

The number is taken from ‘Forgotten Child’  the second Rainbreakers album due early 2022. The album promises to combine exhilarating rockers, atmospheric songcrafting, and melodious textures into a riveting wonder-chest of  showmanship, accomplishment and achievement.

Learn how to become your own person…”

The album’s gripping lyrical content is driven by front-man Ben Edwards’ profound memories of an unsettled and itinerant childhood that found him moving town-to-town, forever grappling with instability, and finding nothing but interrupted relationships along the way.

Though, ‘Forgotten Child’s conveys an indication of optimism in an otherwise shaky &, unsettled world: the wounds and agonies of yesteryear don’t have to haunt our lives permanently. One day we might break free from the rain to find a happier (and healthier) perspective.

Rainbreakers Tour Poster

So, on ‘Light Me Up’ there’s an imperative riff and stubborn percussion. The unyielding vocal is as unflappable as it is mellowly textured and the guitar is pungent and glowering. Yep, this is a seasoned snarl of reconnect and self rediscovery.

‘Light Me Up’ is about coming-of-age and is inspired by the Grimm fairy-tale ‘Iron Hans’,” explains Ben, “The song explores the need to break away from parental restraints and learn how to become your own person.”

‘Light Me Up’ is out today.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Main image: Rob Blackham

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