Mike Ross Photo Credit John Theobold

MIKE ROSS Glows After

The multidimensional & originative musician MIKE ROSS will release an expressive double A-side single on 27th July to promote his pre-order crowdfunding project (more details below.)

The single brings together two songs: Side A: ‘Seabirds’ and Side AA: ‘Acceptance’ both previously recorded by Durham rock band Afterglow. Mike is also premiering new videos for both tracks.

We thought his recent single, titled “The Only Place You Ever Take Me Is Down” a number taken from his recent album ‘The Clovis Limit Tennessee Transition’ was “a feat of corrugation, clanking, and chamfering […] trying to weld together all the castings that life throws up [and] trying to make sense of those untidy feelings…”

Mike Ross

Mike’s new release will aim to draw attention to, and help fund, the production and release of his next project: ’Origin Story’ which is set to be a brand-new album of re-recorded songs from his rich back catalogue, from 3 bands along his musical journey. At present, the project is only  part-funded — currently at just short of 50% of the £3000 target — and the fundraising will end on the 29th July. It is hoped the special single will give the venture an extra push: Mike’s fans having been keen to support a similar project earlier this year, when Mike successfully crowdfunded the remix and restoration of an unreleased album — ‘Lay it Bare’ — by his old band, Taller Than.

Seabirds is A wavy twanger with courageous mother-witted lyrics…

Mike says: “The funds raised from this project will go towards the production and manufacture of the final recording: essentially this is a pre-order campaign that will allow me to finally give these songs the high-quality representation that they’ve been denied of for so long!”

Seabirds” is a song by Simon Dent & Chris Meikle and  is a heartland-rock twanger with courageous mother-witted lyrics and a slightly nasally, if not sibilant, vocal attitude, and wavy pace. This voice, along with the cohesive musicianship, bring to mind Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This is gold-bearing substance for fans of shrewd nostalgia rock.

Acceptance” is something else entirely: a soulful introspective wallow with seductive organ notes, a bubbly cry-baby wah-wah and some Santana-style fancywork.  Precious!

Support MIKE ROSS and the Origin Story Crowdfunder project now: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/origin-story-album-pre-order-project

Words: @neilmach

Main image photo credit: John Theobold

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