Pink Turns Blue


PINK TURNS BLUE are an alternative rock band from Berlin that create genre post-punk & guitar wave.

Actually formed in 1985, the band, early image shown below — named after the Hüsker Dü song — were part of the first generation of gothic rock in Germany and became a vital component of the country’s dark wave establishment. 

After a period of shapelessness,  the band were persuaded to reform in 2003, and a grand re-start was triggered by the release of a greatest hits album, conveniently and appropriately titled: “Re-Union.”

Their sobering but always flawlessly crafted numbers are a fixture in clubs as they headline genre festivals across the world.

Pink Turns Blue, early years

Last year, the band’s cool “Something Deep Inside” was used in Matthew Berkowitz’s thriller “The Madness Inside Me”.

Since their world tour of 2018-2020 the three-piece have grown a global fan base with strongholds in the US, Mexico, Germany, UK and Brazil.

The third single, titled “You Still Mean Too Much To Me” taken from the forthcoming album “Tainted” examines how to overcome grief when a friend we love has been lost. Perhaps in a state of shock and pain we are confused by the contradictory messages we feel within our dark hearts.

the  unseeable pain turns to outcry before it shifts inexorably to incry

Set against a serrated milieu and throbbing texture, the voice reawakens the unseeable pain that turns to outcry before it shifts inexorably to incry…. The aural landscape inexorably builds into a melodious yet plaintive expression of feeling.

For fans of: The Chameleons,  Adrian Borland, Tim Smith (Cardiacs)

The official visual to the September 2021 release “Not Even Trying” is out now.

 “You Still Mean Too Much To Me” is out now, via Orden Records


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