Black Label Society - photo Justin Reich

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Electroplated Freedom

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have announced their 11th studio album, Doom Crew Inc., will be out November 26th via Spinefarm.  

The album will be available digitally, on CD and on 2-disc vinyl via three limited colour variants.

The first single from the disc “Set You Free” is already out and Zakk Wylde plays Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson) in the music video; if you’re not from the U.K. this may be way over your head, but if you are, watch the video and tell us that we’re wrong!

compression, promulgation, and sacrifice

The song itself is a haunting suffocation of monochrome velvets and crushed flock-fluster. The guitars are hacksaw beheading rusty and the pulse is sledgehammer ugly bludgeoning. Notwithstanding the chirpy-groovy Ready Steady Go! 1960s visuals this number harvests compression, promulgation, and sacrifice in every wrinkle! And serves it all up on a bed of fire and titanium.

Do you want a serving of electroplated gladness? Hands out… here, take it (you’ll need oven gloves!)

Doom Crew Inc. is due  November 26, 2021

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Photo Credit Justin Reich

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