Jessica Lynn photo credit Scott Vincent

Jessica Lynn Reimagines

The divine and much adored New York-born country-crossover singer/songwriter & stellar performer JESSICA LYNN has announced the release of her “Reimagined” extended play recording.

We have described her voice as “rosewood and aventurine…” and her general sound as “country-inspired, swishing boogie…” though the new recording is to be an emotional 4-song acoustic offering, released along with a 4-song mini-concert, born from the experience of reworking her songs during Covid restrictions and finding new dimensions and flavors within them.

expressive vocals, nightingale piano and delicate lyrics…


“Since the pandemic started,” Jessica says, “I have been performing piano live streams every week, where my fans have challenged me to try all different types of music and songs, as well as to approach and rework many of my own songs in totally new ways.”

“That’s how the ‘Reimagined’ EP was born…”

Jessica Lynn photo credit Scott Vincent

We already described the “reimagined” version of her standalone hit “Not Your Woman”  as “porticoed lambency” with “strength & courage expressed in every mellifluous note…

While the second track “Now or Never” is a contemplative steal-away ballad with expressive vocals, nightingale piano and delicate lyrics. The song is a great example of coherent and unshowy hungering!

Pretty” is generously warm-toned with humbling expressiveness in every eloquent note. While “Run To” feeds into the same sensory state as the earlier tracks, with intelligence, impact and involvement. In fact, it’s our favorite “reimagining” and differs from the 2020 single-version in that this piano-rendition feels face-to-face honest and intensely intimate!

Take these songs to your heart, cherished listener, and be sure to hold them dear!

File alongside: Tammy Winette 

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Photos: Scott Vincent

Reimagined is out 17th Sept, 2021

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