Robert Jon & The Wreck - photo Jose Uriarte Medder


The Orange County country-soul quintet ROBERT JON & THE WRECK release their new single “Everydaytoday Friday September 3rd.

The band have also released a music video for the song (shared below.) 

The number comes from the studio album “Shine A Light On Me Brother” which we reviewed on these pages. We described it as a: stout-hearted album of joy and compassion, with much distinguished musicianship, many sublime moments, and overwhelming strength in every note and phrase…

Robert John and the Wreck album cover

“Everyday’ is an all-out good-time jam track that was born out of frustration due to lack of freedoms that we had grown used to pre-pandemic and were subsequently denied during lockdown,” says Wreck frontman, Robert Jon Burrison. 

“It speaks about the desire to get together with friends, play music, have some beers, and just spend time with each other in person again. This track is one to be listened to on repeat and sung along to.”

The number is a nifty ramboozle, with hydrocarbonated guitar-work, a whir of wing-dinging rhythms and cheery vocals… all creating a welcome clambake hootenanny atmosphere that is filled with sloppy-joe vocals and flapjacking percussion. Peppy! 

Stream the new single and pre-order the new album here:

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Main image: Jose Uriarte Medder

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