EARTHSIDE Perturbations

The evocative and ever-engrossing post-rock New England collective EARTHSIDE have released a video for their new orchestral/prog single “All We Knew And Ever Loved” and it features Baard Kolstad, the drummer from Norwegian rockers Leprous.

All We Knew and Ever Loved‘ (out now via Mascot Label Group, video shared below) employs probably the most apocalyptic sound in the entire world (the track was recorded at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles which boasts one of the largest pipe organs ever built) and incorporates a seismic subduction of mixed sounds, courtesy of Randy Staub, known for mixing Metallica’s legendary symphonic live album, S&M… the effect is hydrothermal and diabolically enormous!

Goya Black Painting

Earthside drummer Ben Shanbrom says, “From the time I was exposed to Goya’s Black Paintings—a series of extremely dark meditations on human nature—I’ve been obsessed with them, and the uncanny message of Duelo felt immediately timely and haunting in its relevance to the current day.”

All We Knew And Ever Loved

Experiencing this piece of music is like being taken by a necromancer and dragged, howling, into an interdimensional hellzone of one’s own imagination! So, the musicianship is expressive without being theatrical, the sensory experience is lordly and exhilarating without becoming grandiloquent and the dramatic yielding, the incredible inventiveness and the tenacious prowess of these musicians is, truly, overwhelming.

The amount of work that must go into planning & performing an aural journey of this monumental scale must be off the the meters! This is all your scourges, all your perturbations and all your sufferings… rolled into one extraordinary, magnificent, achievement.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

For fans of Hans Zimmer (Interstellar, Blade Runner 2049.

Stream/Purchase All We Knew And Ever Loved here:

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