Smoking Martha edited photo


The flourishing multidimensional Brisbane/ Gold Coast based alt-rock group SMOKING MARTHA is set to release a new full-length studio album, titled  ‘Universe‘ in December 2021 via Xelon Entertainment

The official music video for the second compelling single to be taken from the album, ‘Liquid Sunshine‘, is out now following the earlier release of the lead track, ‘Good Girls‘.

The video for ‘Liquid Sunshine‘ is shared below.

Liquid Sunshine

The song starts with a rough hum and then comes a bustle of tempestuous vibrations. Tasha D’s voice is heartbroken and gloomy. But the chorus brings something more sanguine (if not altogether buoyant) and the approaching bitter-rinds of guitar add acidity and a brackish aftertaste to the overall mood. This is a glowering structure of brood and beautifully drifty gloom! 

File alongside: The Divinyls meet Hazel O’Connor at a Kozmic Blues Band tribute session

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©


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