Shamans Harvest SEP 2021


Missouri four-piece SHAMAN’S HARVEST (founded in 1996) have unveiled a new single, titled “Voices.”

We thought their recent dark country number “Bird Dog” was vibrational, menacing, and darkly visceral.

About the new number, singer Nathan Hunt says, “’Voices,’ mostly was one of the songs written in the small hours of the morning. After exhausting and frustratingly scrapping an idea for a different tune, Voices just came organically.” 

“The melody effortlessly wormed its way into the song. Then we had a choice.  Whether to make it a verse chorus bridge a/b/c type song or to make it more of an epic linear style complete with guitar solo.” 

 The asphalt-and-bourbon voice is dry as burnt applewood…

“We chose the latter, and brought in some group vocals backed by a stomp clap groove that gives the song an anthem feel the album needed.” 

Guitarist Josh Hamler adds, “’Voices’ is a song that blends dark and light. From the sombre verses to the lifted anthemic choruses, it captures the full spectrum of emotion brought on by your own worst enemy… yourself.” 

Voices cover art

Shaman’s Harvest has sold over 100,000 albums and 415,000 singles in a longstanding  career.  They have toured with Godsmack, Nickelback, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Alice In Chains, Shinedown and Seether and many other prominent names. 

Voices” begins with hallucinatory corkscrews of colour. The asphalt-and-bourbon voice is dry as burnt applewood and the guitar is hot as a fire iron. This is smelted bitterness rolled into carbonized splinters of mistrust! 

For fans of: Curtis Stigers, Velvet Revolver, late 1990’s Nickelback 

Stream / Download the song here:

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