Megan Nash

Megan Nash Demands More Hush

MEGAN NASH & the Best of Intentions released “Artifact” at the close of 2020 to much applause.

Her February ’21 release titled “Quiet” (hush by-the-way is a requirement in her life, right now… one guesses. You must tiptoe around Megan!) was unexpectedly buoyant, given it was all about heartbreak.

Now the Canadian singer-songwriter from Mortlach, Saskatchewan, a musician who was nominated for the JUNO award in 2019 and twice a WCMA nominee, demands more hush-time with her latest presentation: Chew Quietly / Clean Slate.

Megan Nash

Megan & the Best of Intentions’ new song is a blur-handed powder-bomb of light and darkness, of gnash and happiness, and of clench and release.

It’s about the lousier bits of a relationship and how we cork-up all our gall in a bottle so it doesn’t unsettle the finely balanced (though often lopsided) existence we seem to navigate. The vocal is compelling, yet controlled, and the sentiment is dramatic, yet finely adjusted. All-in-all, it’s impeccable! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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