Elles Bailey Cheats and Liars


The Bristol-based, British multi-award-winning, genre-crossing artist ELLES BAILEY has released a video for her single ‘Cheats and Liars’ written with Ashton Tucker: it’s the first single taken from her forthcoming album ‘Shining in the Half Light’, due early 2022

Shot at White Noise Studio, the video (shared below) shows Elles eyes aflicker by a lonely single-strand Edison lightbulb, enveloped in wordsworthian hues, performing this haunting, almost otherworldly, yet altogether persuasive number.

This song was born in darkness, desperation and isolation,” she says. 

the Video represents being all alone in the half light yet surrounded by “media noise”

“In a time where information was fed to us by the media before hearing it from those “in charge” I wanted the video to represent [what it was like] to be all alone in the half light yet surrounded by “media noise…”

So it’s a song with a profound message, significant and penetrating and written for a time like this: it forges an heroic sound that draws on Elles’ opulent vocal tonality and the revelatory voice we already described as “raw plum-peach”.

Cheats and Liars

After the sultry intro, the song incorporates country and Americana touches, particularly in Joe Wilkins’ noteworthy guitar, though in the choruses you might believe you’re listening to something directed by composer John Barry, so authoritative, peremptory and committed is the vocal phrasing. With Dan Weller’s spectacular production, this is gloriously cinematic! 

As with ‘Cheats and Liars’ Elles co-wrote the other new tracks on her forthcoming album, working with an excellent plethora of collaborators. She recorded the album in isolation at Middle Farm Studios, Devon (Peter Miles) with her band and new producer Dan Weller (SikTh)  and completed recording  just before giving birth to her first child. In fact, she approved the final mixes while in hospital! 

This album is about finding a new perspective, about learning to be comfortable with a different version of myself, the one without the road, the show, and the splendor…” she suggests.

Cheats & Liars’ is now available to download & stream on all digital platforms

‘Shining in the Half Light’ is due in the early part of 2022: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ellesbailey/cheat-and-liars

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