Mississippi MacDonald


The London-based British Blues Awards nominee and accomplished soul-bluesman MISSISSIPPI MACDONALD has announced a new albumDo Right, Say Right” due 19th November, 2021.

The first single taken from the album, titled “I Was Wrong”  came with a delectable cobalt blue guitar, some chocolaty vocals and had a fruity-fat overall sound that, to us, sounded kinda spiritual.


The new single ‘It Can’t Hurt Me’ is a rascally shuffle with vital spurts of guitar-energy, electromotive rhythms, hamburger-fat organ, and a voice that’s gunpowder ‘n’ rye whiskey!  Yep, it’s a real ramboozle! 

But though it sounds vintage, it swaggers like a rehabilitated swinger in a new suit and spectacles: “It’s modern; it’s not musical archaeology,” says the man “It’s authentic and celebrates a rich, fantastic tradition. It’s soul-blues, and you’ve got to put your best into it.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Get the song here: https://linktr.ee/mississippimacdonald
Mississippi MacDonald’s Album Launch is at the 100 Club, London, 30th November 2021

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