The Kentucky Headhunters photo credit ASH NEWELL


Super durable and ultra-venerable country rock group THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS will release their fantastic new album ‘That’s a Fact Jack’ this week. It’s been a year in carbonation but almost fifty in brewing!

It’s a twelve-track delight of glorious blues, rockin’ ballads and roistering roots, gathered around the band’s passion for making country-themed rock that galvanizes a crowd.

We already said the first single to spearhead the album, titled How Could I had that familiar honky-tonk bounce we’ve come to love over the decades, plus a gorgeous piano, along with a handsome boogie-woogie riff. 

So fans can expect a lot of roadhouse, juggy, hurdy-gurdy vibes from this album and plenty of dance, rhythm, and swagger.

‘That’s a Fact Jack’

And now they release the title track That’s a Fact Jack  on video (shared below) and it has a howling binaural riff, rhythmic consonance, and a salt box atmosphere that is dustier and more thirsty than an old forty-niner who just arrived blinking from the fields of gold.

In fact, senseless mining for fool’s gold is a fair metaphor for this number because we soon get to the line, “the whole world’s got a crack,” so we come to understand this is a cautionary hymn about diverting onto less selfish path right now!… otherwise our species is doomed.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Main photo: credit Ash Newell

Check out ‘That’s a Fact Jack!’ now available on all digital platforms,


1.GONNA BE ALRIGHT- Lead Vocals Doug Phelps

2.HOW COULD I – Lead Vocals Doug Phelps

3 WATERCOLORS IN THE RAIN – Lead Vocals Richard Young   

4.SUSANNAH – Lead Vocals Doug Phelps

5.CUP OF TEA – Lead Vocals Fred Young

6.WE BELONG TOGETHER – Lead Vocals Doug Phelps

7.THAT’S A FACT JACK – Lead Vocals Richard Young   

8. LONELY TOO LONG – Lead Vocals Doug Phelps

9.HEART AND SOUL – Lead Vocals Doug Phelps

10.CHEAP TEQUILA – Lead Vocals Fred Young

11. SHOTGUN EFFIE  – Lead Vocals Greg Martin 

12.LET’S ALL GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT  – Lead Vocals Richard Young  

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