Reckless Love

RECKLESS LOVE kitschy-bygone grooves

After a 4 year hiatus and recently receiving gold awards for their first three albums in Finland, sleazy rockers RECKLESS LOVE are back with their fifth studio album Turborider, due February 25, 2022 via AFM Records

On their next release, RECKLESS LOVE plans to re-visit the 80s game worlds. At the core of their sound are 80s themes and darkwave synths, while the band dives deep into the world of games and film moods of the genre and period.

 a vibetastic ‘n’ kitschy-bygone groove with screamy wows, juddering guitars, and jittering anachronistic vocals…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Turborider is high-energy, synth-wave rock with an undeniable 80’s edge, and will most likely make you forget the world around you with its delivery of virulently nostalgic hooks! 

Turborider is the title track for our fifth studio album, not only because it defines the change the band has gone through sonically, but also because lyrically it paints a story about rebirth…” their vocalist Olli Hermann reveals


“That’s exactly what Reckless Love had to go through in order to make it back at all. The couple of years away from touring and the 6 years away from releasing an album have not been gentle and easy for us.“

The title song (video shared below) is a vibetastic ‘n kitschy-bygone groove with screamy wows, juddering guitars and jittering anachronistic vocals. yep, this is super-vivacious rock unchicness, ha ha! 

Stream here:

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