UNTIL 9 Headstone

Featuring a brilliant hydromancy of multiple metal + hard rock genres, the sound delivered by UNTIL 9 spring from their tenacious attitude towards songwriting and a commitment to producing excitingly melodic metal/rock/rap.

Before they got together in 2020, each band member (Paul Johnson on guitar/vox, Tom Spendlove on guitars, Kevin Smith on bass, and Mark Greenwood on drums) had worked together in various outfits that required high standards of flexibility and broad-spectrum musicianship, but the desire for “originality” became the triggering springboard for their artistic incarnation.

until 9 headstone

The band’s campaign for Bloodstock Open Air 2022 began in January, as part of Metal 2 The Masses, Sheffield chapter, and will be followed by a second single, due in March, before the release of a much anticipated EP, titled  ‘Look At Me Now’ due March 25th.

Check out the video (shared below) for “Headstone” taken from the forthcoming EP which is an articulate expressionist achievement which brings ravishing slabs of splendiferous melodic modality along with darkening vibes. In short, it’s monumental!

‘Headstone’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/UNTIL9original/

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