THE NOW Get Holy

THE NOW are a four-piece band from South Wales who, although they only started playing together in 2018, have already started to make an immense impact on their local scene with their hefty’n’ acutely contagious, guitar-massive numbers. 

Consisting of Shane Callaghan on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, with Will Scott on drums and vocals, Callum Bromage on guitar and vocals, and Jay Evans on bass, the band’s average age is 21 and their edgy look is in line with their sound – fresh, current, and positively loaded! 

acutely contagious & guitar-massive numbers…

The Now’s inspiration comes from an eclectic mix of music and artists including Chuck Berry and The Police, through Kasabian via Catfish & The Bottlemen, with other influences including Kelly Jones and Ryan “Van” McCann. 

The band have been playing together since 2016 after meeting at a local jam night. Once they developed the ”right sound” they went on to form ‘The Now’ and develop a stage presence that is distinctive and filled with vibrancy. Their self-penned barnburner songs are smackdown efficient.

Holy / Lucky Man

The band’s daredevil new single, titled ‘Holy’ has already been highly recommended by none other than Stevie Van Zandt !!

It is now available for pre-save along with a B-side track, a cover of The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man‘, out February 22nd through Golden Robot Records. 

The guitar-nurtured number forms the first part of an interesting concept that will be explored in more detail in the band’s forthcoming EP scheduled for a May 2022 release and which circulates around a mysterious individual who communicates via ransom notes!

Pre-save HOLY here:


Check their recent single Pleased (video shared below)

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