Normal Fears Fatherson


Glaswegian three-piece, FATHERSON are about to release their first album in three years!

Having previously toured with the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Frightened Rabbit, Biffy Clyro, Idlewild, Enter Shikari, Panic! At The Disco, and more, the band’s intoxicating combination of mega-anthemic rock and exciting alt-pop has seen them steadily earn plaudits from a vast-range of international media. 

The 2022 album “Normal Fears” (prod. by Steph Marziano – Hayley Williams, Mumford & Sons) sees the band push further into melodic territory, as well as featuring guest co-writers such as Danny Morgan-Ball (Jimmy Eat World, Feeder), Rich Turvey (Blossoms, Courteeners), Seton Daunt (Kylie), and more. 

We find it easier to focus on the bad things in life rather than the good…


As Scots, it’s not in our nature to be optimistic,” says singer & lead songwriter Ross Leighton. “We find it easier to focus on the bad things in life rather than the good. This time, the darkness leads into light. This is not a break-up album, it’s a build yourself back up album.

The title encapsulates the themes of the album – our shared fears and the different ways we choose to deal with them. As personal as our experiences are, our fears are universal. There is comfort in knowing you’re not alone.”


Assembled at RAK studios in London with producer Steph Marziano (Hayley Williams, Denai Moore, Mumford & Sons) and engineer Isabelle Gracefield (Dua Lipa, Stormzy), the new songs were reconstructed from wrenched, mutilated, and fractured ideas. So, for example, piano parts were fed through cassetted stitchery and even ping pong embellishments were added to the re-discovered melodic herringboning! Yes, they put thirty ping pong balls inside a snare drum and shook them around to get a sample for the track “Honest To God”.

There’s also the sound of a dropped sandbag, a sample of a river in Kilmarnock, and also a couple having an argument. The synth at the start of “Love For Air” is the song played back into a toy keyboard, and frontman Ross played the studio’s precious acoustic guitar which was used on Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees and is kept under lock and key. 

Dive” (video shared below) is darkly vast, extravagantly backstitched, and lambswool vocalized! Yes, this is a unique mixture of ermine smoothness and deer-antler angularity. Yep, splendiferous resplendency!

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