Young Francis Hi Fi


We want to introduce you to a bubblegum-punk band from Brighton, UK named YOUNG FRANCIS HI FI.

The band have now signed with Dirty Water Records!

They play two-minute song-featurettes about chatting to girls, getting high, and hanging out with pals. 

YFHF play a high-velocity, saccharide-sweet blend of ’70s style  American punk, ’60s Garage Rock, and upbeat,  brilliantly crystallized, cartoon rock.

hasty riffs, cheeky nuances & oodles of glittering style…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Young Francis Hi Fi aren’t just a band! Young Francis (vocals + guitar) Jimi Dymond (guitar + backing vox) Bobby Herz (bass), and  Danny Joe Handsome (drums) act like they’re a gang, recalling their heroes Ramones and Monkees.

Their album, due summer 2022, was recorded at Liam Watson’s legendary London studios Toe Rag (White Stripes, Billy Childish, Young Francis Hi Fi, and many more).

Young Francis

Songs such as their “Short Hair Girl” (video shared below) are uncomplicated, pleasing, and hands-down easygoing and are offered with hasty riffs, cheeky nuances, and oodles of glittering style. This music has immediacy, physicality, and ya-ya healthy freshness.  Invigorating! 

For fans of: Ramones, The Monkees, Dirty Fences


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