Mickey Wynne Vladimir Jaksic Videography


After an extensive, international career, the Liverpool born session-man & composer MICKEY ‘Mick’ WYNNE released his first full studio album entitled ‘Mick I  — by  The World of Mick — in June 2019.

The musician plans to release his second album, to be titled  ‘MICK II- Universal Traveller’ in the summer of 2022.

His first album brought together a group of talented friends, including the much-vaunted pedal-steel guitarist B. J. Cole, Irish singer (bass) and ace engineer Joe Gibb (mixing, additional production) and many other brothers-in-music that Mick had met along his way.

a simply strummed & unambiguously vocalised full-flavoured protest-song…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

We described that first album as: “songs of suffering & redemption […] and blues of satisfaction often cleverly rendered with skiffle beats, joy-filled vocal harmonies and catchy choruses.

Mick has now revealed a simply strummed and unambiguously vocalised full-flavoured protest-song titled ‘Friday 13th’ mixed by Mick (with Joe Gibb, again) and mastered by Pete Maher. 

Mickey Wynne - World of Mick

The Vladimir Jaksic music video (shared below) was made in scenes around the musician’s hometown of Brighton. The masses walk past the busking truth-sayer, listlessly, and of course indifferently. And that is the general treatise of this modern folk song: we are too busy to acknowledge that our world is being diminished around our ears!

Everything we should hold dear is being weakened & corrupted by wicked external forces and pernicious influences… but we are too harried to notice our own destruction! We are sleepwalking into Armageddon… yet we refuse to hear the minstrel’s tale!

Mick’s second album ‘MICK II- Universal Traveller’ is due for release in July 2022

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Main image: still from Friday 13th, credit: Vladimir Jaksic Videography

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