Distilled Verity White


The Cheltenham-based, Brecon raised, alternative-rock chamber-poppist VERITY WHITE releases her E.P. titled “Distilled” on  8th July 2022.

Verity’s previous Stripped Bare took influences from the ’90s scene, squashing bold ideas against slick synths, merging tender synth-strings, while fusing witty vocal lines, to craft evocative architectural arrangements.

She is an advocate for female empowerment and mental wellness, so her lyrics aspire to foster positivity and connection through harmony, inclusion, and optimism.

We’ve described her sounds as:”impulsive electrochemical energy clotted with implication & significance…”

Verity White

“‘Distilled’ is the culmination of many months work for Alex (her co-writing collaborator husband Alex White) and me, as we worked to find our new sound as a two-piece and to ‘distill’ our essence into it…” Verity explains.

Broken Promises”is a dualistic fantasy of diamond-paved tussocky rhythms with tantalizing cobbled beats and lush melodiousness (providing her own countertenor at times). It is a dazzlingly choreographed arrangement. It requires several listens, bringing super-proportions of pleasure!

The quavering “A Thousand Times” is cleverly compliant. Reminiscent of Tori Amos’ mezzo-soprano vocal range and poised freestyle skills. And with the same kind of structure and artistic inventiveness as well. It’s a multi-faceted (though not intractable) piece and, while conceptual in nature, never feels arrogant or overly groomed. The vocals are rich and absorbing, and the textures are mesmerizing. A deeply attractive number. 

Starting with a jarring jing, “Just Try It” is a roughshod rockier number. A head-banging bandsaw of sound with a runaway, no-strings-attached temper. The voice is higher and slimmer here than Fiona Apple’s, but the feeling of boundless bounceability is almost the same! Adorable!

Smart, insightful rock for listeners who expect more than just surface glimmer.

File alongside: Moulettes 

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©

Link: https://www.veritywhite.com/

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