SHAW TAYLOR Won’t Be Fooled Again

The award-winning blues-rock vocalist and total guitar genius JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR —  born in the West Midlands, UK — whose voice we have described as “cosmic silverdust” while her guitarwork we have described as “Robert Crayish in character […] astonishingly instinctive and seductive…” will release a new album titled “Nobody’s Fool” vi Joe Bonamassa’s KTBA Records  on October 28th 2022. 

The new album was recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, was produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith and features Joe Bonamassa on the track “Won’t Be Fooled Again,” with guitarist Carmen Vandenberg (Bones UK) on “Figure It Out,” cellist Tina Guo on “Fade Away” and music legend Dave Stewart on a cover of the Eurythmics classic “Missionary Man.” Fans will know that Dave ‘discovered’ Joanne the guitar-hotshot when she was aged 16. 

Nobody’s Fool is perhaps the artist’s most intimate album to date. Through the use of memorable hooks and contagious guitar riffs, Joanne’s writing exposes themes of love, sorrow, and the deepfelt need to let go of the past and move into destiny.

Joanne’s songstyle is dark-damson and Soft horsebrush…

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The listener is taken on a journey through the wasteland of love and back into the light of hope and redemption through her singing style, literary prowess, and guitar genius. Nobody’s Fool is a departure for Joanne that may be characterised as retro-pop with a contemporary twist while it retains the tone and atmosphere of her blues background.

Joanne wrote all the songs on the album except “Missionary Man,” (Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart). She co-wrote “New Love” with Josh Smith, Calvin Turner, and Dylan Altman, “Then There’s You” with James House, “Fade Away” with Sharon Corbitt, and “The Leaving Kind” co-written with Joe Bonamassa, Leslie Satcher, and Beth Nielsen-Chapman (Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt).

Nobody's Fool Album cover image: © Chris Wilson

As a taste of what’s to come, “Just No Getting Over You (Dream Cruise)” has been released as a music video (shared below.) The number begins with a splendidly practical riff followed by nickelic saxophone, and sleek superluxury rhythms. Joanne’s songstyle is dark-damson and soft horsebrush, The chorus is provident and chipper, yet there’s a sense of repressed crush ‘n’ confusion in the ‘brave face’ crinkles of this stylishly elegant piece. Is there just no getting over lost love? 

The album is available to pre-order:

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Photo credit: © Chris Wilson

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