Steve Hill Photo Credit © Scott-Doubt

STEVE HILL Brings dear Illusion

With his new album release, the renowned Quebec singer-songwriter and blues guitarist STEVE HILL marks his 25th year as a recording artist.

His new album Dear Illusion, which took three years to complete, is without a doubt the artist’s strongest production to date and a clear step-up in terms of maturity and execution.

Dear Illusion is set for worldwide release via No Label Records on Friday November 11, 2022. The album is available worldwide from

Steve Hill, who is regarded as one of Canada’s most successful guitarists, has won numerous Maple Blues Awards, the International Blues Challenge, and the respected JUNO Award. A musical force to be reckoned with, the guitarist, vocalist, drummer, harmonica player, songwriter, and adept music producer is laureated everywhere he plays.

This delivers elaborate riffage with beautiful gasconades of flavoury horn…

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Perhaps best known during the past ten years as a one-man blues-rock band, Steve has performed on stage while standing & strumming his guitar while at the same time banging the bass drum, snare, hi-hats, and any other percussion instruments that are within reach.

However, the multi-instrumentalist shares the focus on the new album, Dear Illusion, with The Devil Horns, a special horn section, and Wayne Proctor, the seven-time winner of Drummer of the Year at the UK Blues Awards (A.A. Williams, Oli Brown, King King, Ben Poole).

The 2022 album was likewise mixed and mastered by Proctor instead of by Hill alone.

Dear Illusion Album Cover Art by Rob Cannon

 “I had a version finished right before the pandemic started,” explained Steve. “It was slated for release in April 2020. There was no point in releasing it then, so I decided to wait…” 

“The sad context of the pandemic resulted in additional time for me to offer my fans the album I’m sure will meet their expectations for my 25th anniversary as a recording artist. I am proud of the work.

Ultimately, the results that we collectively achieved with the album, ended up reflecting both maturity and introspection. Overall, I feel like the album is telling that no matter what happens, you should give it everything you got and move on, be the best person you can be, and no matter what, the sun will rise again.” 

Don’t dwell on suffering, and don’t forget about it, either. Even treat misfortune as a friend, slap it on the back and say, Thanks for teaching me.”

Everything You Got’ (the music video is shared below) is a garage-blues number that delivers elaborate riffage with beautiful gasconades of flavoury horns. With some ranch-ready mowburnt vocals added to a multifaceted tune, this number is as enjoyable as it is responsively nimble. Yeah, it’s designed to make you smile. And that’s a good thing right now, ain’t it? And, even better, atmosphere-wise, it’s like the Black Keys are playing alongside a brass ensemble that was brought in by Sir George Martin. Remarkable!

Everything You Got is released Friday September 23rd, and is available to stream/download via

File alongside: Billy F Gibbons

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Main photo: © Scott-Doubt
Album cover art by Rob Cannon

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