Mike Ross The Preacher


The creative multi-instrumentalist and astonishingly assiduous re-worker of blues sounds & American roots music — MIKE ROSS has released a new single titled The Preacher.

It’s the first single to be taken from his brand-new 12-track album, Third Eye Open (due this Spring.)

Mike is aided & abetted on The Preacher by guest vocalist Jack J Hutchinson

We’ve described the sounds produced by Mike as, “astute configurations and transcendent moments hidden beneath carefree rock tunefulness and essential blues conciseness…

Super weightsome, but utterly listenable…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

The Preacher is a swampy, coarse-grained stomper, with groovy hotrod guitars, slabstones of rhythm, and impassioned and very emphatic vocals. It’s about learning lessons (those lessons that ought to be learnt easy, but rarely are!) and Jack’s backing vocals add complexity and richness to the overall atmosphere; while Darren Lee’s drums and Derek Randall’s bass notes add dark energy to a number that’s already heavy as a cruiser! Super weightsome, but utterly listenable…

For more information visit: www.mikerossmusic.co.uk

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