Sari Schorr @neilmach 2019 ©


New York blues-rock singer/songwriter SARI SCHORR announces her exciting UK Freedom Tour, which features seven dates in April 2023.

Sari was recently nominated for the International Artist of the Year Award in the UK Blues Awards 2023. Raw Ramp Magazine has described her as one of the best contemporary blues-rock singers in the world”

Regarding her UK Blues Awards nomination, Sari says “All I ever wanted to do was sing and write good songs that would inspire people and lift their spirits. To receive their recognition in return is overwhelming. It helps me recognize that all the work I’ve done over the years has made an impact.”

Sari Schorr @neilmach 2019 ©
Sari Schorr in London. Picture @neilmach 2019 ©

Sari’s UK Freedom Tour begins on 5th April at Southampton’s largest independent t grassroots music and events venue, The 1865, and runs until 19th April., winding up at The Half Moon, Putney, London. Check for dates near you on the tour poster, below.

“I love touring,” explains the musician, “But it’s intense. It’s hard on my body and even harder on my heart when I have to leave certain people and places behind. I’m terribly sentimental.”

Every time I head to the airport on my way to the UK, I reflect on how I started out with an original band in a burnout part of the South Bronx. It’s been a remarkable journey from those days to reach stages across the UK. I feel incredibly fortunate.”

The UK Freedom Tour fields Sari’s new band line-up: Ash Wilson on guitar (of the Wilson brothers, with drummer Phil Wilson, also on the Freedom tour); Roger Inniss on bass (Joanne Shaw-Taylor band); and Adrian Gautrey (Atomic Rooster) on Hammond & keys.

I’ve been working with Ash Wilson for six years” Says Sari. “He was opening for me in London, and we hit it off backstage in his dressing room. After hearing him play, I knew I wanted to work with him. Having Ash’s band, The Wilson Brothers, with drummer Phil Wilson and bass player Roger Inniss along with Hammond player Adrian Gautrey, gives the development of the Sari Schorr band an exciting new chapter.”


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