Séamus Foley - photo credit Connor Hawkins

SÉAMUS FOLEY Steps Into The Night

The UK-born Americana artist and acclaimed singer-songwriter, SÉAMUS FOLEY has released his brand-new, 6-track EP, ‘Into the Night’. 

Even though Séamus came from an Anglo-Irish background and was born in Manchester, his 2023 E.P. Into the Night has a guinea gold Americana feel to it. The Americana & Country genres have recently benefited from the addition of British musicians that love the sounds, bring unique interpretations to the concepts, and are contributing artistically to the oeuvres. Séamus Foley is a remarkably good illustration of the competency of British artists in this style of songcrafting.

All the songs on this recording deal with struggle in some form

Séamus Foley

“I had a very clear idea of how I wanted these songs to sound,” says Séamus, “and Miles [ Myerscough-Harris at WholeHog Media] and all the musicians involved helped to make that idea a reality.”

“All the songs on this recording deal with struggle in some form, whether complex feelings of loss or longing or more simple affairs like the call of the road or having writer’s block. I’ve always been amazed when a song I hear manages to articulate something that I’ve been feeling, and that’s a piece of magic that I’d love to be able to embed in my work: to capture a feeling that people can relate to.”

“This EP was born out of the frustration of lockdown and a lack of creative outlet. Which means some of it was recorded remotely using people’s home gear, and some of it was made in recording studios. The results, I think, speak to the expertise and professionalism of those involved. I am really happy both with how we made this EP, and how it has turned out…”

Séamus Foley  Into The Night

The E.P. track list includes six original songs: ‘Into The Night’ (previously released as his ‘lockdown’ single); the steady emergence of ‘Letters To Victoria’; the bewitching, folk-sounding ‘Black & White’; the vagabonding, resonating rootlessness  and layered wistfulness of ‘Colorado Skies’ (video shared below); the ruminative poeticism of ‘Ground’; and epic laminations and introspection of ‘Old Rivers Flow’, all accomplished with acoustic guitar and harmonica-like keys, performed by Séamus.

Order here: https://linktr.ee/seamusfoley

Main photo credit: Connor Hawkins

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