Elles Bailey photo credit: Rob Blackham

ELLES Stops Spinning

The second single from ELLES BAILEY‘S number-one album ‘Shining in the Half LightDeluxe Edition is titled Spinning Stopped.

We described the album as “deep, meaningful and penetrating…” and gave it 5* on it’s original release, in February 2020. 

Since then, Spinning Stopped has turned out to be one of Elles’ favourites of the songs from the album. The number was co-written with classically trained pianist Ed Blunt.

As Elles says: “’Spinning Stopped’ is an intimate reflection that focuses not only on the life-changing emotions of becoming a mother, but also bringing life into this crazy, beautiful, messed up world during a pandemic.” 

The track was co-produced by Elles Bailey, with Peter Miles, and other members of her touring band—Joe Wilkins on guitar, Jonny Henderson on keys, Matthew Waer on bass, and Matthew Jones on drums

The stormy disruptions and dizzying events of the last three years may have been very different for an artist without Elles Bailey’s creative drive, durability,  and composed ambition. Yet when you’re one of the busiest women in blues, rock, and roots music, nothing—not even global disordering and hullabaloo—nothing can stop a creative from adding to an artistic progression.

Spinning Stopped Ellese Bailey

With the deluxe release of Shining in the Half Light in the spring of 2023, Elles will finally be able to embark on the full UK headline tour she has promised herself, to perform exclusive co-headlining dates with Chantel McGregor, and take the stage at the Winter’s End Festival with the Von Hertzen Brothers and Kris Barras Band. In April 2023, she’ll be off to Germany to open for roots rockers Kitty, Daisy & Lewis.

She will perform at Black Deer Festival this summer with that relatively unknown ‘fledgling rising star’ Bonnie Raitt.

And Elles will play on the main stage at the brand-new Maid of Stone festival, as well as headlining festivals throughout Europe.If Elles visits a venue close to you, please don’t hesitate to go; she truly calls the road her home.

The chilled black & white video (shared below) for ‘Spinning Stopped’, directed by multi-talented Kriss Barras, shows the track being recorded live to tape at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, UK. Joe Wilkins’s skillful, nuanced guitar-play and the rest of her brilliant band support Elles’ matchless, characterful vocals that we once described as: “delicious as chocolate truffle yet feisty as hot-cake fried in a sizzle pan…

pushes like a spinnaker on a cutter’s mizzen-mast as the craft carves through life’s choppy seas…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

The song itself pushes like a spinnaker on a cutter’s mizzen-mast… as the craft carves through life’s choppy seas. The rhythms are calming (yet agile) and the voice is lavender-cream: delicious and perfumed. 

Shining In The Half Light Deluxe will be released and available on all digital platforms and on CD on 17th March, 2023 The album is available to pre-order here: www.ellesbaileypreorder.com

Main photo credit: Rob Blackham

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