UK Blues Federation

UK Blues Awards —Marshall To be Primary Sponsor

The  UK BLUES FEDERATION have announced that Marshall Amplification have agreed to be the main sponsors of The UK Blues Awards in 2023.

The UK Blues Awards presented by The UK Blues Federation in partnership with Marshall will be the name of the Awards going forward.

This year’s UK Blues Awards will be hosted at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush, London, on April 13th 2023.

Marshall and The UK Blues Federation are the perfect partners—in fact, we’d say that they were designed for each other!

Marshall have been a stalwart in the UK Blues community since the JTM45 and Bluesbreaker were first introduced, in 1962.

UK Blues Awards 2023

Marshall’s name has always beeen present on British blues stages, from the smallest clubs to big festivals and arenas. They are continuing to advance and support new music with the establishment of the Marshall Live Agency and the cutting-edge recording studio and live venue in Bletchley.

Since the inception of The UK Blues Awards, Terry Marshall has individually sponsored the ‘Jules Fothergill Young Artist of The Year Award’.

Further collaborations are already in the works, and the UK Blues Federation is looking forward to a long and expanding relationship with all sides of Marshall.

The few remaining tickets for The UK Blues Awards presented by The UK Blues Federation in association with Marshall are available via the links at

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