ASHLEY SHERLOCK is a Manchester-based guitarist/singer-songwriter who cites his inspirations as Jeff Buckley, The Marcus King Band, The Cadillac Three, and Gary Clark Jr.

His highly anticipated debut album “Just A Name” will be released by Ruf Records on Friday 16 June 2023.

The whole recording process was a real learning experience,” explains Ashley, chatting about the album created at Manchester’s Hallam Mill studio, with bandmates Charlie Rachael Kay on bass & backing vox, and Danny Rigg on drums & backing vox.

We spent four solid days in December in the attic of this old English cotton mill, recording this album mostly live for ten hours a day. It was freezing and we’d huddle around a small heater for warmth between takes.

We had a real blast, though, and it brought us all closer, while helping us gain a mutual understanding of the song’s context and how to deliver it best to the listener.”

A risktaking yet alluring falsetto and a guitar sparkle that nurtures thundergust riffs…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

The soulful and redcurranty rocker “Trouble” serves as the album’s introduction, establishing both Ashley’s risktaking yet alluring falsetto and a guitar sparkle that nurtures thundergust riffs that fly free towards a fret cleaving solo.

Ashley Sherlock_Album cover

While “Realise” (video shared below) is a jittering-jolting clamper of carbonated guitars with a waltzing sway and some properly elevated purple-blooded orangeade vocals that fold-up hard against the yeasty-citrusy undercurrents.

If you can imagine Justin Hawkins playing to sounds created by a Bandana-style country-fizzle band, but with guitar adornments from Warren Haynes, you’d be halfway to grasping the euphonic juxtaposition going on here! Yes, it’s mighty clever stuff!

Ashley Sherlock’s debut album “Just A Name” will be released via Ruf Records on Friday 16th June 2023

Words: @neilmach 2023 ©

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