Jim Kirkpatrick Photo Credit Jonathan Johnson


We’ve previously described JIM KIRKPATRICK‘s singing-voice as “demon-filled” and his guitar-play as the “hottest you’ll find this side of the Mason-Dixon line…” and now the celebrated musician has unveiled his eagerly awaited brand new ten-track solo album ‘Dead Man Walking’, which impressively showcases the FM guitarman’s multiple rock & blues talents as well as expanding his variety and range into Americana and Gospel sounds. The new album is released this week, 21st April, 2023.

Dead Man Walking’ was recorded at Dale View, Brooklyn and Electric Pepperland Studios between September 2021 – February 2023. mixed and mastered by Jim Griffiths at Principal Audio, and produced by Jim Kirkpatrick himself.

The title track is a beautifully spunky & sliding railway chitter-chatter clack of crackling leaves, rusting iron-smithery, and with the distant phutter of incoming locomotive energy always close-at-hand. Jim co-wrote this song with the legendary Whitesnake bluesman Bernie Marsden. The voice is enticing. The composition has strong impact. And the musicianship is really stunning.

the distant phutter of incoming locomotive energy always close-at-hand…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Union Train (video shared below) which includes performances from Leon Caveon drums, Jem Davis on keys, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards on bass, and with Alexandra McIlquham-Jones providing backing vocals to Jim’s lead voice, guitars, mandolin & harmonica, is a ruminative, stormwise, and ever-so slightly inclement harp-spurred country rocker with mountains of monumental musicianship and rainshadows in every crevice. The heavy-duty riff is invigorating and the straightforward verse-structure is engrossing.

dead man walking

Through and through rockers include ‘Life On The Run’ — a classic riff-motivated songburst of thumping ideas and rueful sovereignty and Heaven Above which is a cadenced and uber-propulsive Aerosmith-style boogie number with dazzling percussion and a delightfully satisfying chorus.

There’s one coversong on the album, Rory Gallagher’s ‘I Fall Apart’ and the number encapsulates an unforgettable orchestral score. The piece is meticulously quilt-stitched together by Jim and his team of ultracompetent musicians. The guitarwork on the track is almost intercessionary in grace and poise, while the musical textures are sanctiloquent, as the song builds to a stunning & devout apotheosis of transcendent proportions. Yes, this really is an epochal rendition!

File alongside: The Joe Perry Project, Back Street Crawler

Grab the album now at: https://www.jimkirkpatrick.com/shop

Words: @neilmach 2023 ©
Main photo: Jonathan Johnson

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