Hiatus + Shura Single Launch

Hiatus + Shura are the combined ministrations of the electronica wizardry of Cyrus Shahrad [Hiatus] together with the sensuous vocals and ‘hushed spiritualism’ of West London’s Alexandra Denton [Shura].  Together they make love songs brimming with sadness, occasional glimpses of joy, and always of serene majesty.

Hiatus & Shura launch their single  ‘Live’ @ Cargo next weekend (24 September at 20:00 Cargo: 83 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY).

A secret listen to the new single revealed tiny drops of icy rain pittering through the crevices made by jagged rhythms. Repetitive yarns of silkily threaded voices rising like feathers blowing gently in the chill wind. And heartbeats that abate long enough for warm blankets of acoustic guitar to herald the way for darker tones and bassier vibrations.
Hiatus + Shura make giddy oscillations of splendid sound.


www.facebook.com/hiatusmusic      www.facebook.com/shuramusic               http://www.hiatusmusic.net/

Hiatus & Shura Single Launch
24 September at 20:00
83 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY

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