“Highest Gig” in the world – Lou Dolubu

If you would like to be part of something extraordinary, this is it!

Next year, May 2012, Lou Dolubu is teaming up with Music 4 Children to go and break the world record for the “Highest Gig” in the world. If you choose to sponsor this event, you are aiding the lives of many orphans in Nepal as well as helping us raise the awareness for this cause.

Despite Lou’s fear of heights, as well as all the pain and blisters, she is determined to put herself through it. She says that she feels it is time to give back to those who have been given less and help those in need. The trek will take approximately 16 days, and the aim is to reach 6,476 metres above base camp. Lou,  together with a few other musicians, will be gigging near the top of Mount Everest, and on the descent,  be performing at remote monasteries and villages before the street festival in Katmandu.

All the money raised for this event will go towards finishing the orphanage which is being built through Music 4 Children, which they have already started building. The children of Nepal will receive an education and a home, and also will be taught the skills to live in a self-sustainable environment- as the shelter will be able to power itself and feed itself from the land around.

By donating on-line, not only will you be saving paper but the government will add 28% of what you donate to your donation.

Lou  hopes that you choose to be part of this wonderful event. Thank you in advance if you have already donated.


Lou Dolubu Band produce a unique blend of pop and soul, look out for the band as the play fundraiser events around London on the lead-up to the record attempt.


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