How Smart are The Call Back Academy?

The Call Back Academy are a four-piece pop punk band from Brighton (UK) who specialise in fresh and original … and very heavy punk.  Inspired by bands like ‘New Found Glory’ and ‘A Day To Remember’ they tend to fuse pop-punk, emo and metalcore ideas to create a powerful mix of raw energy, confessional lyrical content and tuneful pop melodies. The highly experienced line-up includes Jonny Davis on Guitar & Vocals,  Ben Legrand on Guitar, Graeme Hawkins on Drums and Ed Lehkyj on Bass.

The Call Back Academy has proudly announced the release of their debut disc entitled ‘Smarter Than Your Average Bear’ ( out on October 31st)  and we were privileged to get a listen to an advance copy:-

‘Emergency Power Sketch’ – This track has cheerful bursts of energy creating radiating lines of chaos – then the beat takes over – and it shakes your bones and rattles your doors off their hinges. A furious folding drum-blast smashes through the melodic verse. The anthemic chorus “…It’s Not all about you…” is singsong at times, shouty at others and full of anger at most. This song is crafted with pin-point punk accuracy and with harmonious vocals set against a flaming hot backdrop of angry guitars.

‘Dual’- has unblemished ricocheting drums amid thrumming chords that emblazon the sugar-pie vocals. A familiar sounding chorus cheerfully rumbles along. And ‘Something for Someone’ is an instinctive and infectious ballad with low key vocals leading to a powerful crescendo of fizzy confection.

‘Lost and Found’ is the stand-out track and is, without doubt, a high-kicking knees-bending bare-head ball-banger of a song. Piping hot guitars and taut vocals add tense emotional strength to the number and create dramatic focal points.  A patchwork of marvellously coloured riffs adds even further dimensions. The climax is a see-saw concertina of guitars that buzz around your shaking head like moths with bad attitude. – © Neil_Mach: 27 September 2011

The Call Back Academy are on tour with two amazing bands this October  ‘A Day Overdue’ & ‘Taking Hanley’ – be sure to go see them!

Oct 7 – Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes

Oct 24 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

Oct 25 – Cooler, Bristol

Oct 26 – Rock City, Nottingham

Oct 27 – The Cluny 2, Newcastle

Oct 28 – 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff

Oct 29 – Cockpit 3, Leeds

Oct 30 – 02 Academy 3, Birmingham


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