Hildamay – Tour news

We have learnt that ‘Hildamay’ are back on the road once more for their ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ Tour to plug their ‘We Loved, We Lost’ EP  ( released by A Wolf At Your Door Records.) This follows on from their earlier very successful ‘Mallory Knox’  linkup and tour.

The Sidcup band tends to describe their sound as “Punk ‘n’ Roll” as they incorporate a swirling array of themes from rock n roll rhythms to edgier dark punk gloom into their lively recordings and exciting live shows.

For example, their track ‘Delicate’ has tumbles of drums and cascades of guitars that create vortices of coloured light and patterns of sound, before an edgy and gregarious verse takes over. Pliant and rubberised vibes help fill the chorus with attitude whilst supple fronds of guitar cradle the crazy release of the fulsome end-piece.  This track is a gloriously rampant joy.

Or ‘This House Became Our Home’ which is a rather darker secret. Laced with sugargum guitar yet deeper and gloomier than a bleak dungeon… gravelly vocals add power and strength to the insistent buzz of guitars. A forthright and audacious chorus is split into two by a snarling rant  – and this glorifies the blowfly guitar that constantly swarms and buzzes above the crazy tune.
—   © Neil_Mach October 2011 —

The Brohemian Rhapsody Tour Dates:

Oct 27 – Club Fist, Mansfield
Oct 28 – The Well, Leeds
Oct 29 – Backline Live, Guildford
Oct 31 – The Forum, Tumbridge Wells
Nov 3 – Soundhouse, Leicester
Nov 5 – Poulton Civic Center, Blackpool
Nov 6 – Westcoast Bar, Margate
Nov 10 – Avondale Bar, Southampton
Nov 11 – The George, Andover
Nov 12 – The Penny Whistle, Northampton
Nov 13 – Central Station, Wrexham



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