Danny and The Goosemen:The Migration (I’m Coming Home)

This seasonal offering from ‘Danny and The Goosemen’ is as festive and as quintessentially British as watching Eric and Ernie at teatime, opening pressies after the Queen’s Speech, and boiling your Brussels sprouts into a pulp. It’s a song of hope amid the despair.  It reminds you of all your favourite winter-time hits rolled into one- from “I Believe In Father Christmas”  through to “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”  via ”In Dulci Jubilo”.  Haunting cool strings and a pliant hollow vibe start to sketch the lonely mood. These,  together with some lush vocal harmonies, hint at slightly more hopeful times ahead. But then a very light whisper of drums can be heard far away, (suggesting a military connection,)  before some slightly jigging and generally folkier rhythms loom into view. These blossom into a gloriously gratifying and chimingly rich, chorus. The finale is a multi layered extravagance, a properly mature affair, peppered with tribal drums and sumptuous choral tones.  Exquisite

–— Neil Mach December 2011 —–

Check it out and soundcloud here:   http://tinyurl.com/bwgv8lh

One Comment

  1. Colin Stevens

    Awesome track, should be a Christmas perennial alongside Wizard and Slade. All round evocative and emotional sound reminiscent of Sting. The choir and drumming are powerful and haunting. Well done everyone.

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