Black Moth – New Free Download

Black Moth have recently been in the studio with producer Jim Sclavunos, (who is also the drummer in Nick Cave’s bands Grinderman and the Bad Seeds) to produce a hot debut album (out on 7th May on London label New Heavy Sounds.)

Freshly released from this highly anticipated recording, Black Moth are giving away the track ‘Chicken Shit’ for free from their Soundcloud page at:

We checked the track out, and here’s what we thought:

As awesome seesawing rhythms go, this is one hellish chain-saw yo-yo ride. Imagine a rotating blade menacingly swinging from a severed limb to roughly get the idea. Juxtaposed against this relentless to and fro danger is a guilt ridden corrugation of puckeringly juicy guitars- creating a bloodfest of guts and gore that seeps from the cracks gelatinously. Yelps add a sense of confusion and despair, but otherwise the voice of Harriet Hyde ( morphed into being from those Leeds scuzzmeisters ‘The Bacchae’)  sounds far more punk orientated than stoner rock… if you think Grinderman you will not be far wrong. This blistering track elevates itself up from second-hand Pentagram style black schlock -rock to a far more orderly, more pervasive, sound based around the premise of darkly ironic punk.
— © Neil_Mach March 2012 —

Upcoming shows:

5th May – Live At Leeds, Leeds
6th May – Camden Crawl, London 

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