New Town Kings – ‘News Stand’ New Video

The 9-piece ska band from Colchester, Essex (UK) – the NEW TOWN KINGS – have released their second studio album entitled ‘Music of Jamaican Origin’ (M.O.J.O.) with an official video for ‘News Stand’ available to see now!

The video takes a candid look at the media’s perception of popular culture and has been chosen by the band to reflect the strength of tabloid media over the nation. Chris Watts of the band explains the motives behind the video, “News Stand is about the media not telling the full truth, we are basically saying you should look at things from all angles to get the full picture”.

‘News Stand’ is a ska-treat. With pliant elbow-flapping and neck-jerking rhythms, along with those smooth honey coloured vocals we have come to expect from the band. These are coupled with a feathery light and unhurried percussion. The fast-yapping hipster in the trilby is ska-reverend and New Town singer Chris Watts. The wise-man fronts up the shockingly tight band  brimming with wobbling, foaming bright n’ juicy horns, and jerking lurching guitars, all whipped up into a viscous pith.

With an upcoming tour with the ‘Slackers’ in April, plus appearances at this year’s Boomtown Festival, Mighty Sounds in Czech Republic and separate dates with David Rodigan, Fishbone, plus tons of headline shows in the UK, 2012 is guaranteed to be hectic.  Chris told us, “Summer 2012 is going to be big, the band is developing quickly and the feedback at our recent shows has been phenomenal”.

Catch the band on tour in the UK with the ‘Slackers’ in April. If you like trad reggae based ska, but you still like living in the 21st century -then this will be way up your street. Go grab it now!

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