Foreign Beggars to Headline Redfest on Sunday

We are super excited to announce that ‘Foreign Beggars’ – the grimy London hip-hop crew – will be headlining this year’s Sunday line-up at Redfest.

We spoke today with the band, just as the announcement about RedFest 2012 was being made – and they promised us plenty of shimmering summer shenanigans, and a bounty of their hardest hitting mixology.

Founder of Dented Records and resident rapper on all Foreign Beggars material Orifice Vulgatron told us, “2012 has been a pretty hectic year for us – our first ever headline USA TOUR, Working in studio with Deadmau5.  Live broadcast for the Mau5hax in Miami, Remixed with Engine Earz.  The New Meshuggah Single, and finally recording a new album! “  It doesn’t get any more bursting busy than this.

The 2012 Robins Cook Farm extravaganza in the glorious Surrey countryside is already promising to be a totally awe inspiring and utterly thrilling experience for fans of the band. And of course, the excitement of any Foreign Beggars live show is legendary. “We are really looking forward to this festival,” D.J.  Nonames explained  “And you can also expect to see us at SW4 (along with Skrillex) and at this year’s Glade Festival.” And expect the unexpected. “We had pyrotechnics on stage in New Zealand … The dude got a bit excited – we dropped a shell-shock, and we nearly sh*t ourselves.”  “ There’s gonna be some crazy sh*t, just have to wait and see!” Added Orifice Vulgatron.

“We have been touring extensively …. the U.S. portion was the most exciting part of our tour.  Webster Hall in NYC – and LA – was insane.”  The RedFest date [July 22nd] comes towards the sharp-end of a hefty schedule of performances for the band, and so the Foreign Beggars expect to be highly buffed,  full of juice, and as deranged as ever. They will be up for anything. “We’re always touring…” Says Nonames “Although it’s not healthy to look too far ahead… or it can be a bit overwhelming.” But he recommends to start prepping for the party now – because this will be monumental.

Foreign Beggars were talking to Neil Mach


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